The winter months bring sudden cold drops in temperature which can freeze your boiler’s external condensate pipe, and cause your boiler to stop working.

Tip 1. Insulating the pipes can help, or keep the heating on a constant low temperature

Tip 2. Ensure your boiler has an annual service or prewinter check – An engineer will visit your home and complete a full diagnostic of your heating system and boiler. All radiators will be checked to make sure they are emitting an even heat and your boiler will be fully serviced.

However if you have taken the actions above and still have any of the problems below then

Tip 3. Strange banging or gurgling noises – This could be air in the system, the water pressure is too low or there is sludge in the system. Sludge builds up in a boiler over time and restricts the flow of water. The water can then overheat, causing it to steam and boil. The best course of action if this occurs is to call one of our Gas Safe Engineers to flush through the system clearing all of the sludge build up.

Tip 4. Check the Thermostat – this is always worth looking at before you call an engineer as someone may have knocked it off. Make sure the time and schedule settings are correct and that it is on.

Tip 5.   Check your boiler pressure – The boilers pressure level should be above one if it drops below this then you may have a leak in the system, the pressure relief valve needs replacing or it could be the result of someone bleeding the radiators.

Tip 6. Sprung a leak – the most common cause for a leak is a broken internal component so call one of our engineers and they will be able to advise you.

Protherm Plumbers are on hand to assist with any boiler problems so if you can’t see the Tip to assist you then give us a call.

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