Protherm Underfloor Heating

Protherm Underfloor Heating around Orpington, Bromley, Sevenoakd and North Kent.

Tired of your large, bulky radiators in your home? Why not replace them with state of the art underfloor heating installed by our experts with over 10 years’ experience.

Underfloor heating is absolute bliss to walk on, distributes heat evenly around each room, and most importantly frees your walls from unattractive radiators, making space for much more aesthetically pleasing things such as paintings, bookcases or maybe even picture windows!

Maybe you’re considering a garden makeover this year? No problem…our Protherm underfloor heating specialists can install underfloor heating for your patio too! Imagine a glorious evening spent outside without your feet feeling the chill as the sun goes down…heaven! 

So here some of the advantages when it comes to ditching your radiators for underfloor heating:

  • The comfort factor! Your feet will be lovely and toasty, meaning you can walk round barefoot all year if you wish!
  • Stepping out your bath or shower will feel welcoming as opposed to freezing!
  • Your floors will remain warm even if there is a lot of draught or the windows are open
  • A unit can heat a larger area than a radiator, whilst working at a lower temperature…reducing your heating bills
  • Underfloor heating is deemed to be state of the art, meaning it is likely to enhance your home’s selling price
  • Cited to be up to 25% more energy efficient than conventional radiators

 We understand that thinking about switching to underfloor heating can be a daunting task, but if you’re remodelling, in the process of building a new home, or simply have got to the point you want radiator free living…give Protherm a call!

Our 9.96 Checkatrade rating will give you piece of mind knowing our installers will switch you to radiator free living flawlessly, whether it be an electric or warm water system in your home.

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