Protherm Professional Powerflush

Protherm Professional Power Flush around Orpington, Bromley, Sevenoakd and North Kent.

Many people procrastinate on having a boiler serviced, even more do so when it comes to having their system power flushed. Predominantly due to not knowing what a power flush is…fear not, here it is explained.

As your boiler and central heating system age, it is unavoidable that rust and other rogue substances form within the boiler, pipework and radiators within your home. These deposits are referred to as ‘sludge’ by our professional engineers here at Protherm. Sludge in the system impacts the efficiency of your boiler and heating system preventing even distribution of heat in your home.

A power flush is a deep cleansing process which removes the sludge that has built up in your heating system, helping heat distribution enormously and extending the life of your boiler. Our engineers use a proflush system called Norstrum, a company established in 1982 and regarded for developing and evolving a system that is easy to use, clean and most importantly cost-effective for our customers.

So what are the advantages of a power flush? Here are just some of the advantages your boiler and heating system would benefit from having a professional power flush:

  • Increased lifespan of your boiler and heating system
  • Hotter radiators
  • Radiators that heat up quicker
  • Reduced chance of boiler and heating system breakdown
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Quieter radiators and boiler
  • Greatly reduced chance of boiler and heating breakdown
  • Increased hot water temperatures in your home

So there you have it, a power flush is just as critical as having your boiler serviced. Our engineers here at Protherm recommend having your system cleaned and flushed once a year, prolonging the life of your installation.

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