Protherm Plumbing & Heating - Flu Gas Analysers

How many of you have heard of a flue gas analyser and know what it does? It is a portable electronic device that measures and displays the amount of flue gases found in appliances you have in your home. Our engineers here at Protherm place the probe found at the end of the analyser in the appliance to measure the levels of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and flue gas temperatures that are present.

All gas safe registered engineers should always have a flue gas analyser when servicing your boiler, here’s why:

  • To check the performance and safety of your boiler
  • To ensure your boiler is within the parameters set out by the boiler manufacturer stated in their literature

The analyser needs calibrating every year to make sure it performs safely and correctly when measuring levels of gases in your boiler. It is imperative a flue gas analyser is serviced once a year and has a gas safe certificate to prove it’s been serviced, this ensures any read outs from the analyser could be used in a court of law.

We’re meticulous about everything we do at Protherm and that’s why our Checkatrade rating is 9.96…if your boiler’s old, and your radiators are cold…don’t delay call Protherm today.

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